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안드로이드 > NAVIGON Europe
애플NAVIGON Europe 트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘
  • 별점별점별점별점별점 4,087| 덧글: (0) |리뷰: (0) | 정정신고
  • 카테고리 : 여행 및 지역정보
  • 등록일 : 2012.06.15 | 크기 : 13MB
  • 개발자 : GarminWürzburgGmbH
  • 어플주소 : http://www.appa.co.kr/detail.php?seq=910201
  • 89,995 원 88,995 원 다운로드
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  • 상세설명
  • NAVIGON Europe - GPS navigation

    NAVIGON GPS navigation for Europe

    +++ Latest version 4.1.3 now available +++

    Important notes:
    - New users: The software requires additional data (maps, voices etc.) via WLAN after installation!
    - Galaxy Nexus: Sound works only proper when firmware update android 4.0.4 is installed!

    With NAVIGON you can transform your Android smartphone into a fully functional mobile navigation system that is every bit as good as the multi-award-winning personal navigation devices from NAVIGON in terms of its user-friendliness and features. Thanks to a faithful adaptation of the menu functions, NAVIGON fits in seamlessly with the Android operating concept.

    On-board navigation entails no data transfer or roaming charges, for example, for route calculation or map displays.

    *** Features and range of functions ***

    + Widget for direct access to recent destinations, search POI nearby, find home
    + Active lane assistant (requires android 2.2 or higher)
    + Bluetooth support (requires android 2.2 or higher)
    + Traffic Check - Get information on traffic conditions around you before you start
    + NAVION Latest Map Gurantee (new customers receive the most up-to-date map when purchasing the app)
    + Local Search
    + Safety Camera
    + Reality View Pro
    + Lane Assistant Pro
    + Speed Assistant
    + NAVIGON Reality Scanner
    + NAVIGON MyRoutes
    + Text-to-Speech and precise spoken announcements
    + Different voices (accents)
    + Extended Pedestrian Navigation
    + Destination entry with coordinates
    + 2D and 3D map displays
    + Automatic day and night mode for map display
    + Direct access and navigation to contacts saved in the smartphone’s address book
    + Take Me Home function with a single click
    + NAVTEQ map material for all of Europe

    Availble in-app packages:

    + NAVIGON FreshMaps XL
    + Mobile Alert Live 2012 -
    a service for reporting and receiving information on MOBILE safety cameras
    + NAVIGON cockpit
    + TrafficLive
    + The Michelin restaurant and hotel guide
    + The Michelin green guide
    + ADAC camping- and caravaning guide (only available in German)
    + POI all-in-one (extra package)
    + NAVIGON LPG and Bio-Diesel filling stations

    - Positioning your smartphone correctly in the vehicle is very important to ensure optimal GPS reception and for your own safety! We recommend attaching your telephone to the windscreen with a suitable suction pad holder. Ensure that this is always positioned outside of the range of the airbags!
    - NAVIGON is an on-board solution. This means that all map material, voice announcements and system files are saved on the telephone. Therefore no charges or waiting time for data transfer are incurred.
    - The Europe version requires approx. 2GB of free memory. Please ensure you have sufficient available mass-storage space (SD card).
    - The map material must be downloaded after installing the app via NAVIGON Fresh on a PC or via wireless Internet on the smartphone. Please ensure a reliable and safe connection is available.
    - Samsung users: please only download using wireless Internet!
    - on first startup a short data connection (ca. 25kB) is required to register your product

    Whether in the car, by bike or on foot, NAVIGON hopes you have fun navigating.


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